”Bringing the Law back into History” (Cambridge, Trinity Hall, 16 December 2013)


We cordially invite young historians with an interest in legal categories in historical analysis to partake in our Graduate Workshop 2013: ‘Bringing the law back into history’, which will take place on 16 December at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. The workshop will provide a forum to critically engage with the role of law in recent historiography and to discuss different approaches to legal categories in your own research.

            Legal history (as a history of the role of law in early modern politics) witnesses a revival: from historians of early modern slavery, over those who study political crime or humanitarian intervention to scholars, who seek new ways to study the history of empire. The methodological concepts of a more and more border-crossing cultural history – from ‘encounter’ and ‘translation’ to ‘hybridity’ and ‘croisée’ – seem to gain inspiration from legal cases. The overlapping legal spheres of early modern Europe, its contested imperial viceroyalties and plantations, its rivalling networks of trade, and the ways in which it sought to impose ‘its law’ onto a world with its own dynamic and controversial legal traditions are increasingly becoming subject of enquiry.

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