New book: ”How Nordic are the Nordic Medieval Laws – Ten Years Later”

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The volume contains the proceedings from the conference ”How Nordic are the Nordic Medieval Laws – Ten Years After?” which was held at the Carlsberg Academy (Copenhagen) in May 2013.

This was the 10th in the line of conferences known as The Carlsberg Academy Conferences on Medieval Legal History. The main theme of the conference was a return to the topic raised at the first conference held back in 2003: the Nordic medieval laws as seen in a European context. In the 10 years since then, the interpretation of the Nordic laws have changed from a specific Nordic to a more common European perspective, understanding the Nordic laws as part of a common European tradition. Thus, the traditional interpretation that the Nordic medieval laws were an expression of an ancient Nordic culture has been undergoing change since the first Carlsberg conference. This book sums up the current stage of research.

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