Konferens i Leeuwarden den 22-23 september 2016: Law & Ritual in the Middle Ages


The plethora of legal cultures developed across the medieval landscape is a fascinating insight into the minds and lives of the people we study. With a special focus on the translation, performance and application of law and judicial discourse, the ‘Voices of Law’ Research Network seeks to illuminate the ways encounter and negotiation between legal culture and the wider culture of society took place.

We are happy to announce the first upcoming interdisciplinary conference on medieval legal history and invite colleagues whose research touches upon aspects of law and ritual in the Middle Ages to submit proposals for papers of 20 minutes’ duration. A title and an abstract of 200-250 words should be sent by e-mail to VoicesofLaw@gmail.com or one or more members of the organising committee (see e-mail addresses below).

Speakers will be able to claim back their travel expenses from the Voices of Law International Network.


The final programme will be published soon thereafter. All proposals and presentations should be in English. Selected papers will be published.

Suggested thematic strands are:

  • Performance of law: legal procedures and rituals in practice
  • Connections between judicial and social relationships
  • Ritual sites and ritual objects
  • Law and rituals in visual and material culture
  • Legal rituals vs. non-legal rituals
  • Oath-making and oath-breaking

The conference is sponsored by The Leverhulme Trust through the International Networks Grant.

More information can be found here!

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